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23rd April 2021

College Time

This page is a record of the ships on which I served, along with my joining and leaving details.

ShipTradeJoinedJoined atLeftLeft at
Haustellum White Oil 17/01/1974 Shellhaven (London) 01/06/1974 Hamble (Southampton)
Hyala White Oil 21/07/1974 Shellhaven (London) 10/12/1974 Gibralter
Anadara White Oil 03/09/1975 Lagos (Nigeria) 08/01/1976 Curacao
Donovania Crude Oil 17/02/1976 Singapore 10/09/1976 Mina al Ahmadi (Gulf)
Solen Crude OIl storage 01/06/1977 Banana (Zaire) 05/09/1977 Banana (Zaire)
Lima Crude Oil 12/11/1977 Ras al Khaimah (Gulf) 05/05/1978 Las Palmas
Lyria Crude Oil 20/08/1978 Kharg Island (Gulf) 06/12/1978 Singapore
Acavus Lube Oil 21/02/1979 Shellhaven (London) 16/05/1979 Las Palmas
Halia Black Oil lightening 04/07/1979 Eastham (Liverpool) 03/09/1979 Stanlow (Liverpool)
Siam Crude Oil 02/05/1980 Fos (France) 29/08/1980 Singapore
Etrema Black Oil 05/12/1980 Singapore 11/03/1981 Singapore
Methane Princess LNG 17/06/1981 Canvey Island (London) 15/09/1981 Canvey Island (London)
Lepeta Crude Oil 27/11/1981 Las Palmas 24/03/1982 Le Havre
Isomeria LPG 19/06/1982 Lisbon (Portugal) 22/09/1982 Tokuyama
Aulica White Oil 10/12/1982 Ras al Khaimah (Gulf) 24/04/1983 Dubai
Rimula Iron Ore plus Crude 15/08/1983 Tubarao (Brazil) 13/12/1983 Las Palmas
Tenaga Satu LNG 20/03/1984 Bintulu (Malaysia) 14/08/1984 Chiba (Japan)
Tenaga Tiga LNG 17/06/1985 Stavanger (Norway) 19/10/1985 Bintulu (Malaysia)
Tenaga Dua LNG 07/02/1986 Yokohama 24/06/1986 Bintulu (Malaysia)
Eulima Lube Oil 04/10/1986 Beaumont (Texas) 16/02/1987 Las Mareas (Costa Rica)