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5th March 2021


This page is a record of the time I spent on this ship.

Joined : Banana (Zaire) 01/06/1977.

Sailed to : Floating storage tanker moored to SBM off Banana base.

Incidents: Called at Boma and Matadi on launch visit. Helicopter rides all around the rigs and the area. Most export crude was 5 times the normal salt capacity. One dozen export tankers off Houston refineries because crude salt content was too high. Solen had steam capstans instead of windlasses. Zaire crew lists had to be compiled every monday. Steaks on demand, icemaking machines, ice cream machines due to us being under Gulf (American) management. Helideck over focsle with 2 PHI helicopters based on us. Don Wilson, Steve Reagan helicopter pilots. William Shirley helicopter mechanic. Bill Butcher was Camp Boss.

Paid off : Banana (Zaire) 05/09/1977.

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Ship NameSolen
IMO Number5333402
Ship TypeCrude
Gross Tons41770
Dwt Tons72417
Length249.31 m
Breadth34.42 m
Depth17.61 m
Draft13.71 m
Capacity82628 cu m
Engine2 Steam Turbine
Engine BuilderWallsend Eng
Power22000 SHP
Bunkers5591 tons
GeneratorsSteam Gen
Speed16.75 k
Build date1961
Build yardSwan Hunter