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23rd April 2021

Frequently asked questions

• Q: I'm having problems viewing your site - can you help?
• A: Almost certainly. For the best 'user experience' I suggest a recent browser version with broadband. If you're unsure, or are experiencing problems then please email me and we'll sort it out.

• Q: What browsers will work with your site?
• A: Generally all browsers should be ok. I've specifically tested with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Chrome - so I know these are ok.

• Q: Can you sell me something - what can I buy from you?
• A: No and nothing respectively.

• Q: Bearing in mind the above - what is the web site for?
• A: I have 3 loves in my life - ships, history and computers. This web site allows me to indulge all 3 interests in one format. It may also interest others. It's a sharing thing!

• Q: How do I contact you?
• A: My email address is at the top of this page and any feedback, questions or suggestions would be very welcome and warmly received.

• Q: Where are you based?
• A: I live in Hixon, just outside Costa del Stafford.

• Q: Are you sponsored by anyone; does this site provide you with any financial benefit ?
• A: No and no respectively. I tell it like I see it - both the good and the bad.

• Q: Are you of sound mind and body ?
• A: No and I'm still taking the medication !